You better know what to say when it counts…

Your “Dream Team”
Only Needs ONE Reason To Say NO…


  • If you’ve ever stumbled to find the right words in front of your potential Chairman...


  • If you’ve ever lost a board member because you said the wrong thing at the wrong time…


  • If you've ever watched your dreams go up in smoke when a banker started asking the hard questions…

You know exactly how bad it stings to lose a deal because you didn’t know what to say.

Here’s the thing…

All of those headaches and sleepless nights can be avoided. And in a moment, I’m going to show you how you can, with a few minutes of practice, be able to confidently walk into any boardroom and run the show!

In the beginning, even veterans step on their d*cks if they don’t practice.

In fact, seasoned entrepreneurs with years of experience running a business under their belt are a prime example. They often waltz into QLA thinking it’s going to be a cakewalk.

But they are dead wrong. These excited business owners soon realize that unless you can handle rejections and the hard questions straight on… your acquisition attempts will FAIL!

Look, unless you’re actual DNA is made from “twisted steel and panther piss,” like Dan Pena, you’ve got roughly 3-5 chances to swing at the plate before it’s game over for you.

Because if you don’t overcome this mental block…

Fear of Failure WILL Steal Your Dreams 

Most entrepreneurs often “fail their way to success,” but again, you better have the guts to step into the pitch and handle gut-wrenching rejections like a man, if you intend to play QLA in the dark.

For instance...

I’m sure you’d agree it takes at least five continuous follow-up efforts BEFORE you get a single “yes”...


But if you’re always stuck looking for the right words, you might as well triple that number.

See, industry experts talk. And if word gets out that you don’t know what you’re talking about, because you can’t articulate your vision or can’t simply explain how you intend to protect a board member’s reputation, you might as well pack up your bag and start over in a brand new industry.

Every meeting is going to end the same exact way… with a big fat NO!

Sure, you can accidentally stumble on a “dream team” candidate and get him on board even if you botch your entire presentation.

But like one of my recent mentees discovered…

  ... when you play with sharks, you will get bit!

This particular mentee almost had his entire deal and dream team stolen right out from under his nose.

His new - highly qualified - board member went behind his back (in days after coming on board.)

Luckily, he started the relationship with his Chairman the right way. This guy tried to steal his deal, Chairman and his entire board.

This is exactly what I want to help you avoid.

Imagine if you no longer feared “cold calling” your future dream team.

What if you knew exactly what to say when asked, “How are you going to get capital to fund your acquisitions?”

And imagine shaking hands with your new Chairman after perfectly answering the terrifying question, “Why would I EVER want to do business with you?”

Here’s how to...

Put The Odds In Your Favor Every Time You Pick Up The Phone


Hi, I’m Bruce Whipple…

For the past 25 years, I’ve worked with Dan Peña. Together  we’ve found, managed and worked over 25 deals using the exact step-by-step formula inside QLA.

In fact, since 1993, I’ve personally created more than $2 Billion in cumulative wealth. Much of that was helping Fortune 500 companies.

None of that was by accident. I owe it all to my mother.

She gave me one special gift...

… Raw Grit!

She said often, “Grin and bear it, son!” After all, she was a stiff upper lip Brit.

And I’ve leveraged that one trait to become a successful entrepreneur, where I experienced my first “big win.”

I bet on myself and took a chance. That’s when I met Dan Peña and…

Discovered Exactly What Makes Board Members Say… YES!

It was no easy task to help Dan Peña work 25 deals.

But we did, and I’m honored to be one of the first members of Dan’s “Hall of Fame.”

I show you this because once you know what to say when your palms are sweaty and your entire financial life is on the line, your QLA dreams can come true just like they did for me.

So what's this all about?

As you probably already know, I’ve been mentoring many people along their QLA journey.


Here is what Dan Peña said about me ...

So by popular request, I compiled a list of the hardest questions and objections that were causing my clients to lose prospective deals, Chairman and Board members.

Next, I locked myself in my office, took the phone off the hook, and went live in front of the video camera.


This is exactly what I wish I had when I started my QLA journey.

When I finally shut the camera off, I had TEN no BS videos containing the word-for-word responses I would give to overcome the top ten questions and objections. Armed with these responses, just about any “dream team” member will shake your hand and say the magic words, “How can I add value?”

And in just a few minutes the entire library can be yours. All you need to do is take one simple action.

What ARE some of the objections?

  • Why would I ever want to do business with you? Your experts have heard it all before, so unless you immediately make yourself stand out, you probably won’t close the deal. I’ll show you how to put them at ease...
  • Where are you going to get the capital to acquire a business? I’ll show you how to lay out your battle plan so future dream team members are excited to contribute...
  • Your idea is great. Hasn’t anyone else done it?
  • How do I know you won’t tarnish my reputation? It’s crucial you answer this the right way otherwise you’ll instantly scare off any likely board member...
  • How much equity will I receive? This is a “red flag and I’ll explain what it really means…

And many, many more!

Each video is created to for quick reference, so you can easily review each one on your smartphone right before an important business meeting.

Trust me ... when you walk in prepared like that,  it’ll feel like your taking a gun to a knife fight.

Now here’s where the rubber meets the road.

If you’re dead serious about making your financial dreams a reality, it’s time to get off the porch and pee in the tall grass with the big dogs.

Are you going to get scared the first time you fire back your new well-rehearsed response?

Of course.

But when you walk out of a bank with a big fat check, your deal fully funded, plus an extra 10% to keep for yourself, it will be the biggest high of your life.

And you finally prove to yourself and everyone who said you couldn’t do it that dreams really do come true.

By now you’re probably thinking…

How much is this all going to cost? 

Here’s why you need to take action, today, right now…

  • You’re getting immediate access to all 10 videos.
  • Each video shows you exactly what to say so future board members will want to say yes...
  • Each video can easily be watched right on your smartphone...
  • Each video can easily be watched before any major business meeting, while you wait...


If you add up the anxiety this dream team training series will save you… this is an absolute steal!

Look, I never planned to release these videos to the public.

My original plan was to offer this entire series to my private mentoring clients only.

And I charge up to to $500 for an hour of private coaching. But today you won’t pay anywhere near that amount.

I remember all the struggles of my first years in business and how many times I thought about quitting.

Fact is, if I knew what you’re about to learn, it would have made a HUGE impact on my success right of the gate.

So instead of keeping this valuable information all to myself and just my coaching clients, I want to help you.

If you’ll take action right now, you can have full access for just one payment of only $97. 



Before you continue remember this… 

“Imagine if HELL was having to watch an endless tape of what your life could have been had you made the effort to make it so!” 

With that in mind, you have TWO choices… 

Right now, you can click away and do nothing. But if you do, realize that all it takes is a single action to change your life. I don’t recommend you take this path. 

On the other hand… 

What if this was all that was standing between you... you’re new Dream Team… and your wildest financial dreams? 

You’d take action today, right? 

Think about that before you make your final decision to join me on your new adventure. 

Are you going to live in regret or become the one person others talk about for the rest of their life? 

Irrespective of the choice and option you make, I wish you the best. 

To Your Quantum Leap,


P.S. - Remember you’ll receive instant access to the entire video training program.




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